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Willunga's events website, www.WillungaFestivals.com and Willunga's monthly newsletter, "Willunga News... IN-A-NUT-SHELL"...

are dedicated specifically to the Willunga township & district and most importantly the people, past and present who make it unique.  They inform you of the festivals, events and activities that happen in and around Willunga.  "IN-A-NUT-SHELL" is the Willunga newsletter available FREE from Willunga businesses by the first week of each month.  The deadline for In-a-Nut-shell is the 20th of each month at 9pm.

To add your events, club, meetings or notices to Willunga's websites and In-a-Nut-shell simply e-mail or call Rilda. 

If you have suggestions, corrections or thoughts about Willunga's website and/or newsletter we want to hear from you too...

How to submit your event, club, meeting, notice...

1. Email is preferred, as this saves us time,

2. If you are unfamiliar with computers or have poor typing skills, ask a member of your organization or a friend to type your "copy" and Email it to us,

3. The Willunga Library has computer and Email facilities,

4. If you have any problems or questions, please call Rilda.

Submit your event early...

1. WillungaFestivals.com will list your event twelve months in advance, so submit your event as soon as you have a date.  This gives international and national visitors time to plan their stay in Willunga.  Your event will be updated as you supply additional information,

2.  If you submit your event 12 months in advance, your sponsors enjoy two years FREE advertising.

3.  The earlier you submit your information for the monthly InaNutshell the easier it is for our voluntary staff.

Information content...

1. Direct your article to the visitor,

2. Use words like "you",  "your" and "the".  Avoid using "we", "I", "us" and "our",

3. Your "event name" and "Willunga" are your primary key words and should take up approximately 10% of your word content (to improve your rating with search engines like Google or Yahoo)

3. Keep information to the point, and when you have "finished" check through your text and remove unnecessary words (on websites less is more),

4. Your purpose is to "sell" your event, so make it exciting and inviting,

5. Follow the format and styles used on relevant pages of websites or the InaNutshell as your guide,

6. Finally, getting 3 people to proof-read your article before submitting it to us, is always a good policy.  They should particularly look for grammatical errors and general readability.  Don't be afraid to ask them for ideas...  you will end up with a better article,

7.  E-mail us if you have photos which you think could be of use.  They may be able to be used.

Major Events, Fairs or Festivals...

Provide a full chronological programme for the event, with directions or map of where each section is taking place.  List all sponsors, no matter how small for all sections of the Major Events.  Recognise major sponsors again separately.

List ALL your sponsors and contributors...

1. THEY get more benefit out of their sponsoring,

Listing on the website business addresses, phone numbers and their websites, could be used greatly to your advantage in listing the benefits to the businesses for supporting your event.  Such advertising in the White or Yellow Pages or in on-line directories is from $100 upwards. And to be able to list their website opens up their whole business to those looking at your event details, as well as increasing their search engine ratings.

2. YOU get more sponsorship,

3. YOUR SPONSORS will have up to two years FREE advertising on the website if you submit your event 12 months in advance.

If you take care of your sponsors, contributors & supporters then they will take care of you.


1. Text in 10 point,

2. Headings in 14 point,

3. Fonts: The In-a-Nut-shell will be in "Times New Roman", (developed for best readability for printed script) and the websites in "Verdana", (developed for best readability for computer screens).  So it would be time saving for us if you could send your article in one or the other.  (Some "Arial" and "Arial Narrow" will be used occasionally in the In-a-Nut-shell.)

4. When typing, put two spaces after each sentence to improve readability.

5. Keep paragraphs short.


Articles sent will be formatted for In-a-Nut-shell and websites The editor reserves the right to edit your article.


In-a-Nut-shell Advertisements...

Small In-a-Nut-shell adverts are at present $25 and large rear page adverts are $45.

Send in your correctly sized adverts in Word, PDF or Publisher and pay the base rate. 

Have the editor set-up your adverts for only an extra $30.

The advert "copy" is then yours and can be reused in the In-a-Nut-shell or others publications of your choice.

The rates are purposely very low so even the smallest Willunga businesses can partake.

Pay 12 months in advance and save 15%.



Articles and Adverts Deadline for In-a-Nut-shell... 20th of month prior at 9pm except the 10th of December for January issue, due to the Christmas/New Year shutdown.  We purposely have an overlap into the following month in case of illness, family commitments or holidays.  DON'T be caught out.  Please send all events through to the 10th of the following month.

Advert Payment Deadline... 26th of month prior to ensure printing...!

There is no deadline for the websites.


Other ways to advertise your event for FREE...

Send a copy to the following.  Make sure you include your organization's website and this website (www.WillungaFestivals.com)

1)  Community Radio Stations to be listed in their Community Announcements, eg

                    Coast FM...  E-mail  info@coastfm.com.au  08 8371 5887

                5EBI-FM 103.1 FM...  E-mail  ebiradio@5ebi.com.au  08 8211 7635

                    Radio 5 EFM 89.3 FM/94.7 FM... 18 Seaview Rd Victor Harbor SA 5211  08 8552 5655

                    Radio 5RPH 1197AM...  E-mail  community@rphadelaide.org.au  08 8231 1197

2)  "Community Diary Dates", On The Coast...  E-mail  sales.victortimes@ruralpress.com Fax on 8552 4613

3)  "Community Voice", HORIZONS Calender...  E-mail  jacvan@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au   Call Jacqui Vandenbroek on 8384 0598

4)  "Community News", Coastal Views...  E-mail  coastalviews@comstech.com  by 15th of the month deadline

5)  "Diary Dates", The Senior... South Australia... sales2@australiansenior.com.au  Call Maree Hanslow 1800 001 987

6)  EventsPool.com...  Go onto the website and follow the steps to register your event

7)  YHASA.org.au...  E-mail di@yhasa.org.au  Call Di at the Youth Hostel Association on 08 8414 3010

8)  Call the Onkaparinga Council on 8384 0666 and ask Andrew Burnie to link your organisation's website to www.OnkaparingaCity.com under "Events Calendar" and "Festivals and Event Details".  E-mail your event advertisement for Andrew to add to the "Events Calendar".

9)  Send a newsworthy article and photo to "The Messenger" Newspaper.

Please e-mail us NOW if you know of more places to advertise events for FREE, that can be added to this list.


One Liners, small or large...

Thankyou for your submissions to the websites and In-a-Nut-shell...  whether they are one liners, small or large articles or notices...  they all combine to make Willunga great.


Rilda Offe



08 8556 2554


PS  Send in your suggestions too.

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